Coreless Melting Furnace 

Coreless Induction Melting Unit 

Laboratory/Precious Metal Melting Machine
1) High strength, rain forced refractory top and bottom connecting with aluminum castable wall for coil support Available in desk and flush type
Advantages: Crucible gets long life with sturdy design
2) Proper matching coil fitted in crucible for getting optimum power continuously of your unit with wooden support with proper utilization of panel power and its efficiency.
Advantages: Proper coil matching with your Induction panel to get optimum power and panel runs at full power continuously.
3) Easy, all-around access and free breather coil simplified designed
Advantages: Easy maintenances and fast trouble shooting
4) Rear or Side exit Lead facility available.
5) Hoist tilt is stander; Steering tilting system (in small crucibles) and Hydraulic tilting system are available.


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