Solid State Induction Melting Unit 

Medium Frequency Solid State Melting Unit Inside 

Laboratory/Precious Metal Melting Machine
1) Get Full Power From Start to Finish at pouring time:
  • Agni electrical provide you solid state melting unit which melts metal scrap at full power or optimum power as per panel capacity from starting to finishing at pouring time.(Condition: with hot lining)
  • In this design you will get full power from start and get more metal for melting in short time from other designed.
  • Advantages : Increase foundry productivities and profitability.
2) Section of Panel Protection:
  • We are using fast acting MCCB and ACB with microprocessor base tripping system. It will help by tripping fast and save power components.
  • We provide Current Limiting Reactor (CLR) with low DC resistance for protecting while creates any problem from malfunctioning by component.
  • With low dc resistance it consumes low power and increase panel efficiency and helps to decrease power consumption in some percentages during panel working condition.
  • Advantages : Fast tripping saves your costly components with low power losses design.
3) Separately Card/Modules section:
  • In panel we provide separate cards and modules section from the power circuit and cooling piping.
  • Which are totally isolated from high voltage area, this area makes panel descent and clean.
  • Advantages : for long life of cards/modules, Totally safety (like in safe zone)
4) Separate Piping Section:
  • In Panel we create separate piping section in this section manifold of input and output of panel sets at back section of power circuit and components.
  • Power components save by water leakages in panel.
  • Advantages : Easy to operate every path of cooling, Save power components, make your unit cleans.
5) Easy Monitoring Module:
  • Agni electrical gives you solid state monitor (no relay) for monitoring the panel easily. This is fitted on front door of the panel with S S Plate.
  • Monitor module indicates unit problem and limits with the help of Bright LED Bar to alert the operator.
  • Advantages : Easy to read problems or limits for Unit Operator .
6) Protection circuits:
  • In electronic circuits we are using PS (Potential Sensor) for protecting power components and also electronic circuits.
  • If panel DC supply short then our new design circuit will not turn on inverter/converter and save your valuable SCRs or other costly power components and also find out which SCR is short with LED indicate in short time.(New Invention)
  • Advantages : fast tripping and save power components, easily troubleshooting in short time at Inverter side.
7) Safety Isolation:
  • Line Isolation must require in this design.
  • Line isolation decrease power consumption and increase efficiency of melting unit.
  • Advantages : Fast melt rates and low power consumption.


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